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[11 Feb 2010|01:20am]
[ mood | amused ]

Funny how we all used to be so addicted to this. Now? Eh, not so much anymore.

Now we use facebook. And are even more addicted to that =P But I think people were more open on LJ than facebook since sometimes you friend someone that you're not really friends-friends with.

I just find it all amusing, is all :3

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New Disney vs. Old Disney... which also leads to other thoughts ^-^;; [27 Sep 2009|02:11am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

While watching songs from ye olde Disney classics (on youtube), I noticed something interesting.

Every few song, there'd be a comment of how new disney is crap and old disney is wonderful. That comment would have over 20 likes.

Here's one of them:
'Walt is probably haunting the ones who made disney with hannah montana and HSM and sonny with a chance... he is probably thinking "I do NOT want that in my name!"'

They made wonderful, spectacular songs in their classics. Why do they bother remixing them, then? The only non-originals that are good are the jazz ones (eg: "A Whole New World"). Granted, not as awesome as the original, but it's still beautiful. So, why are they remaking classics into something that's less magical? Continuing the stories is... well, it doesn't feel all that original. One time, I was watching the Aladin series, and I go "Man, Aladin is all brawns and no brains, what'd they do to him?", not to mention that EVERYONE kept underestimating Jasmine in the series, too -__-;;

Despite new disney making a lot of junk these days, they still have some gems. Like "Enchanted." THAT is a new Disney classic <3 I hope that keeping my hopes up for their princess and the frog movie isn't setting me up for disapointment <__<;; Creators of Aladin and Beauty and the Beast are making it, so, there is hope :3

I also hope the over-protective parents goes down as our generation starts to become parents <__< 'Cause, that scene in the Great Mouse Detective, with the strippers, is awesome. The innuendos were waaaay over my head when I was younger. So why wouldn't it be over the heads of children now a days? These parents make it seem as if a 7 year old will get a hard on or will start thinking about sex, when a 7 year old doesn't know anything about sex, yet!!! (unless the child walked in on mommy and daddy.... ^-^;;). C'mon, Betty Boop, Popeye? They were made with the family in mind. Jokes the adults understood, but were over the childrens' heads, and yet, it still appealed to children.

If a parent wants to make sure their child won't have sex 'til their, somewhat, mature, then they should teach them that. Teach them to be responsible. They'll be exposed to the less-than-sunny-side of life sooner or later. If they don't trust the school to teach them what to do, then they should teach it their children themselves. A teenager will look at porn. A teenager will think about sex. A child will think about boogers, cooties, princesses, fairy tales, adveturing in the woods, or seven seas! As a child, we enjoy life. Children aren't programed to be horny like teenagers are. So why worry that they'll understand sexual innuendos when they think babies come from storks?

All of those sexual innuendos? I never understood them as a child. Now, that I'm older, I do. Does listening to sexual innuendos make me horny and want to have sex? No. It doesn't. It makes me laugh. So, how does understanding/knowing about sex make a person sexually active? It doesn't. It's just a joke. That's all it is.

Teenagers have sex when they think they're in love (some truely are, but I doubt that most of it is real, or it's usually one-sided love, and the other side is lust). Some do it because of peer pressure. How many make it on a smart decision? Who knows. They only way they can make a smart decision, is if they're taught of how to look at it in a mature manner. Even if the child isn't ready for sex, but they think otherwise, then they should be talked to about it. Rationaly. And in a mature manner, too. They won't listen to yelling. They won't listen to threats. They will listen to respect. So many adults won't give it to them because they're immature. They can't mature if people don't give them a chance.

I'm thankful to have the parents that I have. Even though I didn't drink, I did talk to my parents of what they would do if I did get drunk. Basically, if I called and was drunk, they'd take me home and not ask questions that night. In the morning, when I'm sober, and more awake, they'll talk to me to found out what happend. Was the punch spiked and I didn't realize it? Did I purposely drink, but had no idea what my limit is? I wouldn't lie to my parents about it. Man, I don't even know if I can lie (a big lie, not a small lie) to my parents. I know that a huge lie would be.... horrible. It would ruin the trust I have with them. I cherish it too much to even jeapordize ruining it. I love and respect them.

When I hear of some of my friends' parents, I tend to be in shock. Shock that their parents don't trust them like mine do with me. Shocked that parents, step or otherwise, would even do, or say, some of the things they do. There are some parents that I wish I could try to talk some sense into. Don't they realize how they're affecting their children? How can they not see? Why do they do it? If I could take some of my friends' away from the shit they get at home, I would do it in less than a heart beat. They're wonderful, smart, intelligent, beautiful, handsome, spectacular young people. Some parents can't see that. Some parents just can't seem to see things from their child's/children's point of view. It makes me wonder how many parents are like this.

Parents complain of violent games and movies corrupting their children. I've watched many violent movies, and played several violent games, and I'm not violent. Why? Because I was taught that it's fake. That violence shouldn't be the answer (rapists, be wary of me!! D:<). Basically, it's the parents job to teach their children Life's lessons. So what if they enjoy playing violent games? Sometimes, fake violence is fun. You know it's not real, so what's the big deal if you 'kill' something that's not real? Even Mr. O'Brien mentioned something one time. One of his daughters is a big SIM's fan, and she sometimes creates rollercoasters that kills people. She's not a violent person, though. It hasn't made her 'barbaric' or murderous in anyway.

I guess over-reactive parents either don't trust themselves enough to teach their children right from wrong, don't plain out trust their child/children, or rely on movies and games to raise their child/children. If they trust their ability to raise, and their offspring, then why be fearful?

(It's late, I'm tired, and I think this part doesn't really fit well with what I just rambled about, but, right now, I don't care)
Mmm, I wonder what kind of effect our generation will have on the world. My guess: Change. For better or worse? Probably both. Because that's just how Life works out ;)

Fears and Lies

Nipaaahh D: [04 Sep 2009|12:36am]
[ mood | bored ]

Mmm, I have a lovely schedule this semester. No classes on Fridays <3 And nice breaks inbetween classes, too.

On my day off, I shall do laundry, food shopping, emptying trash cans... and whatever happens to fall on my lap.

I like my room mater this year better than last year's. Communication is much better, and more comfortable ^___^

I still need to up my socializing skills. Maybe I can work on that tomorrow?

Math is so boring because it's only been review ;-; Three days of REVIEW!! But we finally get homework in the next math class ^___^ I can't wait!! I had trouble paying attention in syntax, so I think I'll have trouble there. French is intimidating o.o not allowed to speak English in class x__X But it's not so bad. I keep knowing more french than I think I do x: But there are still several whole sentences where I don't catch any familiar words >__< Buddhism is awesome. I have to meditate =D Folk dancing is loads of fun too!! Too bad it's only once a week ): I need to figure out what I'm gonna write about for my paper for that class O.o

I still need to find some stuff that's hiding from me in boxes, or on shelves D:

Oh yeah, less floor space this year, BUT MORE CLOSET SPACE!!! It's awesome. But I truely miss my shelf space =\ But I has wall next to bed!! Depating with myself if I should get pillows to go against it and make it more comfortable. I need to move stuff around and find places for some items. My desk is out in the common area, so, I'd rather keep my text books and shtuff in my room <.<;;

I partially miss having a noisy suite.... it's rather quiet in this O_o;; Then again, I live near construction, so, I'm woken up between 7 and 8:30 on the mornings xD At least it means that I'll get priority in housing, though!! ^___^;;

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EPIC WIN =D [14 May 2009|12:03pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I wantz one!!! D:

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Writer's Block: Protecting America from another financial catastrophe [07 May 2009|01:38am]
[ mood | I should be sleeping... ]

What can the government do to protect America from another financial catastrophe?
Require Americans to learn how to spend money wisely. Make them take courses in highschool and college. It's not really the government's fault if we keep wasting our money, it's our own fault and we need to learn how to take care of ourselves.
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English Gone Wrong [05 May 2009|09:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay, so I was trying to figure out what "goffik" means, so I googled it. I came across a picture from deviant art that was a fanfic for a horrible fanfiction story. Of course, I take a look at this horrible fanfiction.

I have never seen the English language written so horrible/horribly (?), before. Ever. My eyes didn't agree with it. For whatever reason, I continued reading the story anyways. Either I got used to the horrible spelling, or it was just Chapter 14 in general, but I started finding this horrible spelling hysterical.

Also, the author sounds like she sees things in black and white, as in, people are either posers, goths, or preps.

Apparently, "goffik" is supposed to be "gothic."

..... Why it's spelled that way by some people, I'll never know. Nor understand.

If you think your eyes can handle the atrocious spelling, here it is.

If this person wasn't a native speaker of English, I'd be okay with it. I truely believe that a non-native speaker of English wouldn't use "chatspeak" (like, "2" instead of "to/too/two," or "c" instead of "see").

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College Annoyances [22 Apr 2009|03:13pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


So, I'm signing up for classes. Major: Anthropology. I have to take an Intro to Human Evolution class. It's required. But all of the lab sections are all "Seats reserved for freshman: X   Seats reserved for remaining students: 0" ....Okay, so, my school has this "MAP" thing, and it said to take Intro to Cultural Anthro and Intro to Archaeology classes freshman year, and Evolution sophomore year. So, of course, that's what I did. But, of course, someone had to make it difficult for students that follow the "MAP" and decide that Intro to Human Evolution should be taken freshman year.

...the fuck are people thinking??


Okay, so it seems like the Evolution class won't be freshman restricted spring semester of next year. I found another class to take its place. French Comprehension and Pronouncation. I'm glad, 'cause I know that I'm gonna need help with understanding it when people speak it xD;; Had trouble with that in middle school...

Now I just need to get my papers for my summer class, and a permission number for Intro to Syntax.

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Link and Zelda have their own show?? [15 Apr 2009|09:24pm]
[ mood | busy ]


Apparently Link is actually a brunette. And not a gentleman. And can talk (xD;).

My opinion: this is just sad. And somewhat amusing.

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[01 Apr 2009|02:56pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So, first, they played the bells at 12:15. They haven't played the bells every 15mn since the begining of the year. Then they played a tune, then the Adam's family. And another, random song, I guess. Still with the bells. It's rather nice, actually.

Gotta love this day of the year.

Jen saw my car and thought that I was home... I totally should have gone with that said that  I was >__< rawr! Oh well.

Back to my essay!!

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[09 Mar 2009|03:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Rawr. Michael was gonna move into his apartment today, but the stupid electric company didn't receive a copy of his lease and ss card ):<

Meh, it just means he stays over a bit longer. I don't mind, buuut, I don't wannu get in trouble if he stays here for too long. And the whole sharing a bed that isn't made for two people is nnhh. Oh well, 'tis how life just is.

Archaeology lab is seeming more and more... boring =\ We just get a pile of either real or fake artifacts and try to sort 'em out. And occasionaly take something hope to right about. And by the end of the semester I am DONE with US history. Finally. Although, this US history class makes me realize that HoVal did a very good job in being redundant with teaching it, until high school.

I should probably grab something to eat.

Note to self: develop better study habits!! >__<

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Rant [12 Feb 2009|12:32pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So, apparently, the money from the increase in my tuition goes to the state and NOT the university.

..... $%&*eoi$#@wmgiw ^^ghkj$$adf#&@#$as;dfja;lskdja

I'm not even a NY citizen, why should my tuition go to TAXES rather than the university?! ):<

They're taking 90% ($279) of the increase this semester, and 80% ($496) of an increase next academic year. All of that money I could be using for textbooks and stuff.

rawr!!!    o(>w<)o

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[08 Jan 2009|08:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This person made the most awesome super smash bros fan art... emote-thingy.


hehe :3

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Excerpt from "Upside Down" [14 Dec 2008|04:16pm]
[ mood | curious ]

"A man found Aladdin's lamp lying around. Since he was a big reader, the man recognized it and rubbed it right away. The genie appeared, bowed deeply, and said: 'At your service, master. Your wish is my command. But there will be only one wish.'

Since he was a good boy, the man said, 'I wish for my dead mother to be brought back.'

The genie made a face. 'I'm sorry, master, but that wish is impossible. Make another.'

Since he was a nice guy, the man said, 'I wish the world would stop spending money to kill people.'

The genie swallowed. 'Uhh... What did you say your mother's name was?' "
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[15 Nov 2008|12:14pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

So, yeah... a rape happened on campus grounds. Two people have been arrested, and two others are being investigated.

Why do people do this? What were they thinking? Are they even aware of the impact they have on everyone?

Here's a short article giving some more details about it:

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i'V3 b33n a<<uzD!!1! [13 Nov 2008|10:35pm]
[ mood | chess-ness ]

If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer me, then post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.

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random [07 Nov 2008|05:00pm]
Yay for suite mates setting off the fire alarm in our suite with a blow dryer xP Man, those alarms are loud >__< Thankfully, it didn't last all that long.

Can't wait for vacation time <(^_^)^
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A College Student's Ramblings... [22 Oct 2008|11:23pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Firedrills can be fun when it's windy. Like how someone came out without any shoes on. Poor Justin.

I don't have much in the way of news now. Except that there's so many choices of where to dorm next year. And that I'm undecided of what language I wanna take next year. Japanese? Chinese? French, again? German? Italian? Arabic? Gaelic? Hebrew? -le sigh- So many wonderful choices. Very hard to decide. What makes it even harder is the fact there's: a dorm to speak only french, one for chinese, and one for japanese. Not only that, but there's also one for anime!!!! There's also one for a healthier living style/working out more, honors, and one where everyone promises not to drink, even if they're of legal age.

And blargh to gen. ed. courses. Nh.

And I really hope that I'll get into honors. I want those Anthropology honors courses!!! D:<

I have a midterm tomorrow. I should go to sleep. But... too excited!!! ^___^ Not about the midterm, o' course ;P

Been doing some theatre. Plugging in wires, labeling them. Easy work, but some of my fingers aren't used to so much labor. We finished wiring the outter ring today. Now, it's onto the catwalk for wiring.

Oh yeah, this upcoming weekened is family weekened for us. Michael gets to come up with my parents, too <3 It's gonna be fun. We're gonna explore tunnels, and go to museum. I need to go to museum for my art history class, and having trouble making plans with other people. Oh well. I gets to go with my parents and Michael, now ^__^

I want it to be Friiiiiidaaaaay.

Me should actually sleep, though. Midterm.

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Zelda lessons used in real life [07 Oct 2008|06:48pm]
[ mood | content ]

I can't believe I never tried this.


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Serenity [03 Oct 2008|04:33pm]


From here: http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20050915

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Charity & School [30 Sep 2008|08:37pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I never found homework so exciting. I really enjoy what I have to do for my classes. But why, oh why must the best classes be for honors college only? -sigh- So, yeah, I'm going to try and get into it. Most likely for next semester.

While writing my essay for it, my thoughts wandered to community service. It looks so good to colleges that you did x community hours while juggling schoolwork, a sport, a social life (assumingly), and maybe even a club or two, or student council. Community work is volunteer work. Maybe it'll be known as "unpaid work" in some distant future. After all, many kids are doing it to get into college. Or did they really want to do it? For something that's supposed to be for charity only, people sure pressure us into doing it so that we can look like a wonderful student to colleges.

I think that's why my volunteer work was mainly working in theatre, and helping Latin Club raising money. Because I wasn't doing it to get into college, I did it because I wanted to. I couldn't bring myself to charity work. Didn't feel right to do it because I wanted to. Then again, theatre took up the majority of my time. I don't mind doing charity work. I just want to be able to do it because I feel like I'm doing something to help others, not for school. Honestly? Raising money for a foundation doesn't feel like it. Yes, I know there's other volunteer work that goes on in the school and communities.

Also, volunteer work is stressed during the holidays. Is it because many people don't want to volunteer on the holidays? Or is it because the homeless and third world countries actually need more help then? Why not volunteer during the holidays? If everyone in a community volunteered one hour out of their holiday, there would be more than enough people to vonluteer.

Now I have this urge to commit random acts of kindness. But, it's late. And I'm stuck at MC^3 until Michael's done with his last class. Hey, I'm getting homework done, so it ain't a waist o' my time!!! Now, to return to that Anthropology essay, and let my honors essay take a breather. Or maybe start some reading for my Race & Culture class...

At least now I shouldn't have to worry about some random Mercer student asking me where "such'n'such" place is. Just because I'm doing my homework studiously, doesn't mean that I know the school.

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